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Lincoln Training Facilty

With the delivery of the 50,000 lbs turf on Oct 23, 2020 to Zidell Yards the beginnings of the Lincoln Training Facility kicked off. But it actually began long before that with all the hard work and time dedicated by board members like Matt Pappas and Andy Lake, as well as countless volunteer hours by parents.

Hours of cutting and gluing, installation of lights, tightening wires, and installing nets paid off, the official opening night on Dec 10th for the Select Teams was a success. 

Facility Information

Facility is 60' x 100'

Four lanes that are  12' wide x 70' long

North and South side has 70' x 8' of net above the 6 feet of privacy screened fencing.

Field is rubber filled outdoor turf

LYB Training Facility