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Facility Rules

Facility Rules 2020-2021

This facility is used constantly by over a dozen teams. Every coach and player needs to follow the rules outlined below to keep everyone SAFE and keep our facility in good shape!

Covid Safety:

  • No parents, no visitors, no spectators. Only REGISTERED PLAYERS AND COACHES
  • All players AND coaches should have their temperature checked before entering the facility - a thermometer is located at the entrance. Any person with a fever of 100.4 or higher should NOT enter the turfed area and should head home immediately. 
  • Masks always AND 6-ft whenever possible.  It’s not one or the other, it’s BOTH.
  • Yes, masks during conditioning and cardio.
  • Players should not share any personal equipment.
  • Sanitize EVERY player and coach before, during and after practice.
  • Sanitize balls and pitching using disinfectant and towels after EVERY session.
  • Water bottles in the waiting area only. No gum, seeds or food anywhere in the facility.

General Safety:

  • No players in the equipment area.  Ever.
  • Do not drink the water in the bathroom.
  • Do not touch anything in the equipment area except baseball gear and the light switch.
  • Helmets must always be worn when batting in cages when hard or dimple balls are in use, even if the player is behind a screen or waiting their turn.
  • Players 12U or under MAY NOT throw soft toss or BP, even when behind a screen. Wiffles are ok.
  • 5 MPH speed limit in parking lot
  • No hanging around or exploring other parts of the warehouse, parking lot, etc...

Arrival & Departure:

  • Players should each put their gear each on a circle in the waiting area. Please wait until the previous team leaves before you go in. If they are running behind, you can stand in the parking lot and start your arm circles, etc..
  • Don’t mix the buckets of balls, if you do, sort them correctly before leaving.
  • When you leave please contract both left cages and extend both right cages.
  • Mounds should be stowed against the left fence, do not lean two two mounds on top of each other, they are heavy.
  • Screens should be stowed against fences or neatly in the cages.
  • Pitching Machine goes in the far right cage w/ buckets of (yellow dimple balls)
  • Pitching targets, batting dummies and plates should be set up on the left side.
  • Please end on time. If you are running late and still want to wrap up, ask your players to gather their gear and chat outside once the next group enters.
  • Please take your trash and recycling with you whenever possible.
  • If you find the place in less than ideal shape, or lacking supplies, please take a couple pictures and email with the day/time you found it that way.
  • When leaving always turn off the light and lock BOTH the equipment area and entrance gates.


  • If you know you are not going to use your time slot, please email the groups before/after you and as early as possible so other teams can enjoy some extra cage time.