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Volunteer Positions

With the older parents aging out and players heading into High School, we desperately need parents of younger players to get involved and help out the league.


Please email us if you are interested in volunteering or joining the board.

Open Volunteer Positions

Position Description
Apparel Coordinator Handles ordering of all LYB apparel and setting up sales tables at events like Hit-a-thon, opening day, evaluations.
Email Communications Responsible for sending out all the email communications from the league. Possibly doing a weekly content email as well
Email Response Different from Email Communications, this position will handle all emails coming into the league email and decide which board member should handle it.
Equipment Inventory, repair, manage, and distributes equipment for all levels.
Field coordinator Schedules the fields for all levels. Works with coordinators to make sure the fields are being properly maintained. Organize volunteer field days.
Hit-a-Thon Coordinators Coordinates the Hit-a-thon (2-3 people)
Hit-a-Thon Picture Day Coodinator Coordinates with Photo Company and schedules team photos.
Indoor Facility Coordinator Schedules activities at the Indoor Facility. Makes sure all equipment and gear are in safe and working order. Works with Zidell on any issues.
Sponsorship & Fundraising Develop fundraising opportunities and establish relationship with sponsors/donors.
Treasurer Accounts for all LYB funds, develops budgets, provides regular financial reporting to the Board and files all tax returns and forms
Uniform Coordinator Organize uniforms for team distribution. Schedules uniform distribution. Maintain uniforms in storage.
Tball Coordinator Roster all the Tball teams, identify coaches, be the point person for all Tball related questions
Juniors Coordinator Roster all the Juniors teams, identify coaches, be the point person for all Juniors related questions
Seniors Coordinator Roster all the Seniors teams, identify coaches, be the point person for all Seniors related questions
Coaching Coordinator Point person for all coaching related issues