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To assist players and coaches train to be their best, LYB has available a baseball training facility located next to Zidell Yards in Portland. The facility includes a 60' x 100' space with four practice lanes that are each 12 feet wide and 70 feet long. 70' x 8' netting and 6 feet of privacy screened fencing allows players to practice safely and privately. The ground/field is rubber-filled outdoor turf.  


The facility, located in the Moody Warehouse next to Zidell Yards (3121 SW Moody Ave.), is used by over a dozen teams. Every coach and player needs to follow the rules outlined below to keep everyone safe and our facility in good shape.

General Safety:

  • Please have players submit a signed batting cage release form 
  • No players in the equipment area, ever
  • Do not drink the water in the bathroom
  • Do not touch anything in the equipment area except baseball gear and the light switch
  • Helmets must always be worn in batting cages when hard or dimple balls are in use, even if a player is behind a screen or waiting their turn 
  • Players 12 and under may not throw soft toss or batting practice, even when behind a screen; wiffle balls are okay
  • 5 MPH speed limit in the parking lot
  • No hanging around or exploring other parts of the warehouse, parking lot, and surrounding areas

Arrival and Departure:

  • Players should each put their gear on a circle in the waiting area; please wait until the previous team leaves before entering the training facility
  • Do not mix the bucket of balls; if you do, please sort them correctly before leaving
  • When you leave, please contract both left cages and extend both right cages
  • Mounds should be stowed away against the left fence; do not lean two mounds on top of each other
  • Screens should be stowed against fences or neatly in the cages
  • The pitching machine goes in the far right cage with buckets of yellow dimple balls
  • Pitching targets, batting dummies, and plates should be set up on the left side
  • Please end on time; if you are running late and still want to wrap up, ask your players to gather their gear and chat outside once the next group enters
  • Please remove all trash and recycling 
  • If you find the facility in less than ideal shape, or lacking in supplies, please take a couple pictures and email [email protected] with the day and time you found it that way 
  • When leaving, always turn off the light and lock both the equipment area and the entrance gates


  • All coaches will be provided facility scheduling and access details upon email request to [email protected] 
  • If you know you are not going to use you time slot, please email the groups before and after you and [email protected] as early as possible so other teams can enjoy some extra cage time

Lincoln Youth Baseball Training Facility Map

Training Facility Batting Cage


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